Registered Jobs

All companies operating in the money market must register employees who hold the following positions:

  • The general manager or executive director or delegated member of the board of directors for companies working in the capital market

  • Internal Controller

  • Company executives

  • Key Ranking Analysts

  • Legal office working with the company

  • Accounting and Auditing Office working with the company

  • Chairman and members of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Special Purpose Companies

  • Chairman and members of Sharia Supervisory Boards

  • Issue Trustee for Sukuk

  • Repayment Agent for Special Purpose Companies

  • Investment manager for special-purpose companies

  • Any other functions that the Authority defines as being due.

The registration at the headquarters of the Capital Market Authority shall be in the form approved by the Authority in the case of registration as well as in the case of canceling the registration.

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